Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success.

Existing members may use this space as a forum for the exchange of news and ideas on Muaythai and the work of the W.M.F. We suggest you post information on up-coming courses, seminars, fight-nights, competitions, trips as well as results of fights, rankings and gradings. The forum page should help bring people with our common interest in Muaythai together. We would remind all contributors to be mindful of the W.M.F.’s Code of Conduct and make comments and points which reflect the respectful spirit of the W.M.F. and Muaythai.

To prospective members we suggest you join the W.M.F. and benefit from:

– Considered approach to acquiring all Muaythai skills whether they are to be used for ring fighting, self defense or for fitness purposes.

– The W.M.F. has codified its approach into a syllabus with level gradings, which can take the student from beginner to Grandmaster. These skills are based on the historic basis of Muaythai.

– Students can study the W.M.F. Instructor course which can lead to certification and the right to teach the W.M.F. system and use its grading system with their own students.

– W.M.F. is recognize as the single international body of Amateur Muay, ProAm and Pro Muaythai and the official organizer of the World Muaythai Championship being endorsed by The Ministry of Sports and Tourism in the Kingdom of Thailand, The Ministry of Culture, Tourism Authority of Thailand, The Olympic Committee in the Kingdom of Thailand etc, with members all over the world. As an official international body responsible for the conservation and promotion of Muaythai, membership of the W.M.F. will give to all its members access to latest developments in the field of Muaythai, access to global news and events briefs regarding competitions, events, eligibility to participate in all international and local Championships and events, access to trainers and Masters from the Kingdom of Thailand, an more of the chance to be part of an international Organization which will always be dedicated for the betterment of its members.

– The W.M.F. has brought together the best Muaythai knowledge available, you can access this resource.

– You can have access to the best teachers of Muaythai and Muay Boran, they are available to teach inside and outside Thailand.

– You can visit and train at the W.M.F.’s permanent, full time, fully equipped gym in Bangkok.

– You can learn how to referee and judge via our official courses.

– The W.M.F. organizes an annual Muaythai Festival with 2 weeks of learning and World Championship competition in Thailand as well as numerous other events around the world.

– You can join the annual homage to Nai Kanom Tom on Thailand’s official Wai Kru Muaythai day.

– The W.M.F. organizes National and International rankings, at the top of which are World Titles which are commemorated with magnificent championship belts.

– The opportunity to meet and network with like minded friends, all with a common interest in Muaythai, from all around the World.

To join the W.M.F. and become a full member or an associate member please contact us at: