Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success.

The World Muaythai Federation is an organization founded with the aim of preserving, promoting and developing the traditional martial arts of Thailand.

CertifyTo do this they have defined a set of standards which give practitioners the chance to learn Muaythai skills in a logical, safe way while also developing an understanding of how Muaythai reflects wider Thai culture.

– The W.M.F. has a subsidiary called the Muaythai Conservation Centre of Thailand which seeks to gather information on the history and development of the arts. The centre identifies and brings together teachers of the original forms of Muay-known as Mae Mai Muay and Luk Mai Muay, (together as Muay Boran=Ancient Boxing), providing them with the opportunity to teach and pass on their knowledge.

– The Centre has its own museum in the National Stadium complex and is considered a first port of call for anybody wishing to research the Thai martial arts.

– The W.M.F. has developed a syllabus which covers all the skills of Muaythai and importantly showing how these skills have evolved from Muay Boran.

– The W.M.F. hosts training at its own full time, fully equipped gym at the National Stadium in Bangkok. Training can be organized on a one to one, small, or large group basis; students can join on-going regular training sessions or can book specific courses depending on their time and area of interest. Courses are delivered on demand and can focus on Muaythai or Muay Boran or indeed a blend of the two, all practitioners will be shown how the two styles are linked and have evolved. The W.M.F. gym can also prepare and present boxers for competition, it works with local promoters so will look to match those who would like to fight.

– The W.M.F. regularly sends out approved coaches to teach all over the world. The W.M.F. has another subsidiary, the Kru Muay Association which tests and certifies coaches ensuring a standard of coaching is maintained.

– For advanced students the W.M.F. also organizes Coaching courses where practitioners learn how to teach the arts. Coaches can learn and follow the syllabus, they can be tested and certified, so that they are then able to teach and grade their own students.

– To ensure contests are judged fairly and refereed safely the W.M.F. organizes judging and refereeing courses giving individuals skills essential to the development of competitive Muaythai.

– The W.M.F. works with many different Governmental and non Governmental agencies in several countries to take the skills of Muaythai into schools and communities giving children the opportunity to learn exciting skills which are good for their health and fitness as well as their discipline.

– The W.M.F. has developed a reputation for organizing World class events such as its International and World Championships. They can use their successful template to organize events anywhere in the world.

So, whatever your interest in Muaythai, the W.M.F. is available to help. Do not hesitate to email or call us at:

World Muaythai Federation

223-224 Zone E, Sport Authority of Thailand, 286 Ramkhamheang Road, Huamark, Bangkapi, Bangkok, 10240

Tel.: +66-2300-6403, +66-89488-7364
Fax.: +66-2300-6405