Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success.

In 1995 the World Muaythai Federation W.M.F. was founded by the joining of the two organizations which had previously administered International Amateur Muaythai. The new organization was presided over by General Chaisit Shinawatra and had its Head Office at Bangkok’s National Stadium sports complex.

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The World Muaythai Federation is charged with preserving, developing and promoting REAL Muaythai.


It has thus been instrumental in the growth of international interest in Muaythai to the point that as of August 2012 the Federation has over 70 member countries under the current President Lt. Gen. Akachai Chantosa unanimously elected as the successor of Gen. Chaisit Shinawatra at the World Muaythai Congress in 2012.


Akachai Chantosa1. Lt.Gen. Akachai Chantosa – Honorary
Had been elected to the Presidency by an overwhelming majority of member countries present at the World Muaythai Congress during the World Muaythai Championship organized in partnership with Ministry of Tourism and Sport of Thailand and Department of Physical Education in march 2012.. Being part of W.M.F. since its inception, in his acceptance speech the strong message of commitment and continuance to the vision of W.M.F. and Muayhai set by its predecessor had been meet with ovations and applause by all 51 member countries present.

Somchart Charernwacharawit2. Honorary Chairman of W.M.F. PRO Mr. Somchart Charernwacharawit: Mr. Somchart Charernwacharawit is the President of the Professional Boxing Association of Thailand and one of the most prominent figures in the world of Muaythai. He had dedicated all of his life to the art of Muaythai, and had been one of the pioneers in organizing the Sport at the Professional level. He’s currently overseeing and is promoting under the Patronage of the P.A.T. the Muaythai development in Asia and Internationally at all levels from teaching, organizing seminars and workshops and endorsing and sanctioning prestigious events under full Muaythai Rules.

Sompoch Nontacha3. Gen.Sompoch Nontacha Vice President of W.M.F. (Honorary)



Gabriela Murg4. Gabriela Murg – Executive VP of Legal and International Affairs: After years of acting as an adviser to Lt.Gen. Akachai Chantosa, Ella Golding & Sons and herself had been, in March 2012, nominated by all member countries present at the World Muay Congress to take a much active role in the World Muaythai Federation (W.M.F.) as a Executive VP of Legal and International Affairs to all its members and the affairs of the federation. With her extensive background in negotiations and business strategy, she’s committed to continue to expand the vision of W.M.F. and create a suitable environment for all members to advance and better represent Muaythai and Thai culture internationally.


Artur Mariano5. Artur Mariano – Vice President of W.M.F.



Antonio Krauss6. Antonio Krauss –  General Secretary On behalf of World Muaythai Federation (W.M.F.), I congratulate you all for the work and support you have continuously shown to our programs, aims and developments.
I’ve observed always good spirits and great conduct among our members and athletes. All our athletes have always shown good sportsmanship and have been at the top of their game.


President Council

Apichart Thaebsornchai1. Gen. Apichart Thaebsornchai



GrandMaster Toddy2. GM Toddy



Mario DaSilva3. Mario da Silva




W.M.F. Executive board members

  Akachai Chantosa Artur Mariano Gabriela Murg Viktor Melamed
  1. Lt. Gen. Akachai
Chantosa – Honorary
 2. Artur Mariano
Vice President
3. Gabriela Murg
Executive V.P.
4. Viktor Melamed  Executive member
Antonio Krauss Kyriakos Christofi Carlo Di Blasi Boaz Polani
5. Antonio Krauss  Secretary General 6. Kyriakos Christofi  Executive member 7. Carlo Di Blasi  Executive member 8. Boaz Polani  Executive member 9. Kuah Theam Loong Executive member


Technical Sports and heritage

Chattuchai Champahon1. Dr. Chattuchai Champahon – General Director



Pascal Mathieu2. Pascal Mathieu – Technical Director



Sawang VITHAYAPITAKS3. Dr. Sawang VITHAYAPITAKS – Education, teaching and training member



Veera Kuschapakirin4. Dr. Veera Kuschapakirin




International Sports Coordinators

Amir Ranjdar1. Amir Ranjdar



Julia Symannek2. Julia Symannek



Maria Kozleva3. Maria Kozleva



Luciano Vargas4. Luciano Vargas



Saysamone Sayasone5. Saysamone Sayasone