Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success.

World Muaythai Federation (W.M.F.) is a non-governmental, non-profit public organization, uniting national Muaythai Federations under a global flag for the Amateur Sport. W.M.F. as an international organization that had been recognized as the leader for the development of the Amateur Sport.

W.M.F. has almost 25 year history and it had been responsible for organizing and hosting the first World Championship for Amateurs, drafted and implemented the rules and the regulations for the Amateur Sport and it had pioneered the introduction, expansion and popularization of the sport in more than 70 countries worldwide. As a direct result of the work, strategies and implementation of W.M.F. programs, currently the number of practitioners, athletes, boxers and fans had increased exponentially, with hundreds of events, National/International/Continental Championships taking place every year.

As an organization, the W.M.F. is continuously working and coordinating extensively with all of its National Members in all of the 5 Zones to develop the Sport. Assistance and support is provided in all fields from Technical matters, training methodologies, body biomechanics, medical studies and Athletes performance. We have also actively supported all of our National Members to get affiliations an recognitions from their respective National Sport Authorities, Ministries of Sport or National Olympic Committees, with a great number successfully completing the process in their respective countries.

Currently the W.M.F. is registered under the Sport Authority of Lausanne in Canton Du Vaud, Switzerland under the name of World Muay Federation (W.M.F.) or Fédération Mondiale de Muay (F.M.M.). Since Lausanne it is called as the Olympic Capital of the World and it is also home to most of the Sports organizations, the W.M.F. team have decided to move the HQ of the organization there while a permanent presente had been kept in Thailand at the Rajamangala National Stadium-Bangkok.

Over the years W.M.F. have been recognized and affiliated by a number of international Sport Association including TAFISA (Association for International Sports for All), IMGC (International Martial Arts Games Committee, ISCA etc… We have also introduced very stringent anti-dopping and anti-drugs policies wich are in line with the International requirements set by WADA (World Anti-Dopping Agency) for which we intend to become signatories and members of their code in 2017.

World Muaythai Federation W.M.F. constantly carries out multiple projects and programs on the development of this combat sport including workshops and other training events worldwide and Thailand. In addition, W.M.F. strives for the development of all possible Muaythai trends: for children and youth, men and women, seniors and people with disabilities. Over the years we cooperated with governmental and non-governmental institutions, law enforcement training, special services/intelligence agencies training and cooperation, as well as developing new programs catering to fitness, wellbeing and body strength.